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Island near India That Hide From The World


North Sentinel Island is located in the Bay of Bengal near India and is away from the civilization we know. Surprisingly no one is able to contact with these native people. This Island is one of the last remaining uncivilized places of Earth!!


The people who lives there has no contact with outsiders. Anyone who is trying to contact with them will attacked by these native tribes. Because of that Indian government has established exclusion zone with 3miles to prevent violence.

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On 2nd August 1981, the ship Primrose came near the Sentinel Island. crew on a boat saw that men on the shore were carrying spears and arrows. They immediately call the ship for weapons but luckily heavy sea kept the those away for long enough until crew be rescued.

2004, after the Indian earthquake, the Indian government sent rescue crew to the North Sentinel to check the tribe. Luckily other islands were heavily harmed, these inhabitants unharmed. These rescue team saw that some of these sentinelese were shooting arrows and throwing stones at them.

On January 26,2006, two fishermen were killed by the tribe while their boats came near the island. Indian coast guards were try to rescue the bodies of the fishermen but the didn’t had a chance to came near the island because of shooting arrows and stones from the sentinel clan.

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